We commit to only providing natural diamonds to our customers

We believe that natural diamonds are rare and each one is unique and as such gifting of a natural diamond shows sincerity. That’s why our company makes sure that we only provide natural diamonds to our customers

We commit to only providing jewellery with precious metals of the fineness stated

We believe that our word is our bond and that we should provide what we say we provide. That’s why we check that the jewellery our affiliates provide must at a minimum reach the fineness stated

We commit to ensuring customer value and confidence through education

We believe that it is not only important to protect the interests of the customer by ensuring they only receive natural diamonds and precious metals of the fineness stated, but also critical to provide education to our customers and those of our affiliates in order to build customer confidence in and help customers make educated decisions regarding diamond jewellery

We commit to be focused on the process, not on the results

  • We put our faith in our natural diamond sourcing process which consistently fulfils the ISO 9001 quality standard and believe that it is important to focus on doing the right thing consistently. In fact, we are certified for ISO 9001:2015, the most recent version of the quality standard.
  • We commit to work with the best, reliable sources
  • Since 1949, our Group has sourced high quality gems, diamonds and precious metals from around the world and, over the years, have worked side by side with our respected partners from around the world to build our relationships with them, including Leo Schachter & Company and William Goldberg, who share in our commitment to providing natural diamonds to customers.