Founded in 1949 in Hong Kong, the Lee Heng Diamond Group began by importing and wholesaling diamonds, sourcing high quality diamonds and other gems from around the world and distributing them to different Asian markets, quickly becoming one of the most trusted and respected diamond wholesalers in Asia.

Over the years, the Group has been actively expanding its operations into overseas markets and also into different segments of the value chain enabled by the latest technologies including, jewellery craftsmanship, brand management, and retail operations.

In order to maintain the trust confidence that our various stakeholders have entrusted in us, we implement stringent internal controls, employee training, quality assurance standards, and risk management protocols, achieving International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications for various core operations.

Through the years, although our technology has improved and our systems have modernized, we hold as core values our unwavering dedication to long-term professional experience and our focus on execution excellence, value creation, and customer service, which will allow us to help our stakeholders to reach even greater heights in the future.