A Uniquely Captivating Treasure

The name “ASHOKA” was originated from a stunning 41.37 carat, perfect D-color flawless diamond in the Ancient India, in praise of the legendary Indian king Ashoka Maurya.

Pioneering diamond craftsman William Goldberg was drawn to the distinctive lustre of the original Ashoka diamond. After a long and painstaking process, the ASHOKA® diamond cut was patented in 1999. A profound message of love, joy and glory was sent forth.

The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation: A Hallowed Institution

The William Goldberg Corporation was established in the United States in 1973. Known for their passion and dedication to perfection, the family company soon earned a reputation as one of the world's finest diamond cutters, especially in polishing fancy-cut diamonds.

In 2006, East 48th Street, in the heart of Manhattan’s diamond district was renamed William Goldberg Way in recognition of the founder’s valuable contribution to the diamond industry.

  • Premier Rose | D colour
    137.02 carat | Internally Flawless

  • Blue Lili
    30.06 carat

  • Red Shield
    5.11 carat

  • ASHOKA® Diamonds
    Global patent cut | 62 Facets |
    Visibly larger, more brilliant and rarer than diamonds of the same carat with an emerald cut

  • Beluga
    The World's First and Largest Oval-Cut Diamond
    102.23 carat | D colour | Flawless