• It is our commitment to make the life of our people easier when they work with us.
  • We invest in the latest technology and platforms to ensure that our people are always connected, that they can contribute, and that they have access to the right information in an efficient manner.

Chairman Communication / Participative Culture
  • We consistently find ways to connect with our people and always value their views and ideas.
  • Our Chairman has created a structure whereby our people are encouraged to write to him directly in order to hear all of the best ideas from our people. Using this, the company can deliver improved performance, business innovation and better workplace and customer experiences.

  • Wellness
    • We care for the well-being of our people.
    • Apart from offering health insurance and other medical benefits, we show our care by offering health tips to employees from time to time as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Sense of Belonging
    • As a token of our appreciation for devoted commitment to our group, long service awards are presented during Annual Dinners.

    Staff benefits
    • Our people are provided with staff purchase and discount privileges from time to time to support their interest in our products but also to ensure that we view our products and services from the eyes of our customers.

    Fostering curiosity
    • As an member of the Group, in order to foster curiosity, our people are invited to join various events at CoCoon, a leading entrepreneurship network based out of Hong Kong focused on community building, entrepreneurship education and early stage investments.