The Leo Diamond® is the first branded diamond developed by Leo Schachter Diamonds. The story of Leo Schachter Diamonds is a story of love; of people who love what they do; of people who love each other and of the people who will buy their diamonds as a symbol of the love they feel for the women in their lives.

By maintaining Leo Schachter Diamonds as a family business, Leo Schachter passed down his own love of diamond craftsmanship. He shared his passion for what the company does — striving to craft the most brilliant and magnificently cut diamonds in the world — with each future generation and with every master artisan who works with the company.

“We’re successful because we have a passion for what we do. It never feels like work.” By Leo Schachter

Everyone at Leo Schachter Diamonds feels a commitment to integrity in the quality of the diamonds and the way in which they are sold. The company also continues to give back to the communities where it sources its diamonds and conducts its business around the world.

It all began more than half a century ago when Leo Schachter entered the diamond business with a passion he inherited from his father, Max, who learned the art of diamond cutting nearly 100 years ago in Antwerp.

Leo’s passion for crafting rough diamonds into the world’s most brilliant symbols of love is one that he has passed down to the next two generations of family members. Together, they participate in the journey a Leo Diamond takes to transforms it from a rough diamond into a fiery treasure.