The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation and Lee Heng Diamond Group

The business partnership between William Goldberg family (William Goldberg) and Lee Heng Diamond Group (Lee Heng) started over half a century ago. In the 1960s, Williams Goldberg made frequent business trips to Hong Kong and heard that the Ma family's company - Lee Heng, was a leader in diamond industry. He thus made a cold call to kick off the partnership.

Since then, three generations of William Goldberg and been working closely with three generations of the Ma family.

After the launch of ASHOKA® Diamond in the United States in 1999, Lee Heng believed that this patented cut was suitable for Asian market and became a partner in the Asia region since 2003. ASHOKA® Diamond jewellery was first launched in MABROS and was popular among prestigious customers. Since 2006, Lee Heng has designed more styles that are suitable for every occasions, so the customers of Falconer, MADIA and MaBelle can experience the unparalleled beauty of ASHOKA® Diamond jewellery.

In 2016, Lee Heng Diamond Co. Ltd has further rolled out ASHOKA® into the China market. ASHOKA®, with its unique captivating beauty, has quickly grabbed the heart of the customers in China.