With the implementation of ISO 9001:2015, our group is committed to constantly reviewing and improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, ensuring it continues to conform to customer requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements. Specific quality objectives are established and regularly reviewed as a means to achieve the quality policy.
Natural Diamond Quality Assurance The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China (DFHK) has launched the “Natural Diamond Quality Assurance” Mark (NDQA) scheme in 2015, recognizing merchants that demonstrate integrity by a full disclosure of diamond information and a pledge to sell natural diamonds. As the participants of this scheme, MaBelle, Madia, Mabros and Falconer is recognized to provide products of high quality, giving consumers confidence in buying diamonds and ensuring customer rights and interests.

MaBelle, Madia, Mabros and Falconer agree to be bound by the DFHK’s Integrity Pledge and all relevant laws and regulations, and accepts the monitor of diamond quality – ensuring that our diamonds are natural, have not been treated and information listed on certificates / claims about them are accurate. The DFHK acts as an independent third party to entail initial assessments of any merchant’s background or reputation and impromptu on-site inspections, after which diamond samples are assessed by independent and reputable authentication laboratories.

Machine we use

We only deal with suppliers that are reputable and always stay at the forefront of new machines and up to date with research through our various industry contacts.