Continuous learning
  • Our people have made our Group what it is today. We believe professional development and continuous learning are fundamental to our employees. We therefore nurture our talent by offering learning opportunities to strengthen their core skills that will be necessary to achieve their career goals as well as to master new skills to help us to lead the industry.
  • We offer a wide range of learning opportunities such as classroom, on- and off-the-job training in addition to e-learning programmes, job placements, and secondments that encourage all employees to take ownership of their development.
  • In addition, from time to time, also seeks young, new talent through internships.

Career Journey
  • Our people are equipped with knowledge and skills as needed to get themselves ready for the next challenge. A great of deal of the Group’s managers who have taken up the role of business leaders grew with us through the years from entry-level positions and have grown with us through the years.
  • To support our people, our industry experts and learning managers are the best-in-class to guide our people during their individual career journeys.

Staff Development
  • Knowledge Database and Self-learning Resources
    1.We promote lifelong learning among our people. As such, our intranet platform hosts a knowledge database that includes a library with a vast collection of learning videos, class materials, and corporate events. In this way, we empower our people to continue learning and developing their skills at their own pace and from any of our satellite offices.
  • Education Subsidy and Examination Leave
    1.We support talent development by providing our people with education subsidies and examination leave, so that they can engage in lifelong learning which also supports the Group’s business development.

Recognition / Professionalism / Reward
  • We have been awarded and recognized by various organizing panels during the last decade, showing our commitment and passion to achieve business excellence.
  • At the same time, we reward outstanding performance and our people who exemplify our core values via different reward schemes.
  • In addition, we have been awarded Employer of the Year Award by