1. Lee Heng Diamond Company was founded by Mr. Ma Hing Chou and incorporated as Lee Heng Diamond Company Limited in 1977, focusing on the trading and wholesaling of diamonds and other precious stones.

  2. Mabros Jewellery was established, as a high-end diamond jewellery boutique in the premiere shopping district, Central, Hong Kong.

  3. MaBelle Jewellery was established, allowing customers to shop with ease-of-mind and making diamond jewellery substantially more affordable.

  4. Lee Heng Diamond Group acquired Falconer Jewellers, an established jewellery retailer founded in the 1800’s which now calls The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong its home.

  5. MADIA Jewellery was founded, targeting a more discerning customer with meticulously fashioned and elegantly made diamond jewellery by prominent designers and experienced craftsmen.

  6. IAD Jewellery was established to provide one-stop diamond jewellery supply solutions to jewellery retailers and independent jewellery designers around the world.

  7. MaBelle Jewellery extended its network of boutiques to mainland China with the opening of the first MaBelle boutique in Shanghai.

  8. The four brands of Lee Heng Group: Falconer Jewellers, Mabros Jewellery, MADIA Jewellery and MaBelle Jewellery began to feature ASHOKA® diamonds and launched the first collection of ASHOKA® diamond jewellery.

  9. MaBelle Jewellery exclusively introduced the branded diamond, The Leo Diamond®, to the Hong Kong and China markets.

  10. MaBelle.com was launched, providing first-hand information and a unique online shopping experience to the consumer.

  11. MaBelle Jewellery’s ear piercing service was awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The ear piercing procedure and aftercare programme follow stringent guidelines to give an experience that is safe, convenient, and hygienic, delivered by experienced professionals. Lee Heng Diamond Company, was accredited the ISO 9001:2008 certification for provision of their natural diamonds sourcing service for customers.

  12. Lee Heng Diamond Company and MaBelle Jewellery both successfully upgraded their certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for provision of natural diamonds sourcing service and professional ear piercing service respectively.