Every Leo Diamond comes with written proof of its extraordinary attributes. The certificates are issued by the most prominent independent gemological laboratories, including GemEx® Systems and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) (for diamond weighs 0.18ct or above).

Triple Verification of Incomparable Brilliance:

GemEx® Certificate

The most critical aspect of the inherent beauty of a diamond is its brilliance. Every Leo Diamond passes the test by GemEx® Systems which verifies its “Return of Light” — the level of brilliance your diamond achieves. The test is based on scientific measurements of white light, colored light and scintillation taken with a GemEx® BrillianceScope™ and by comparison with the average light performance of a million conventional 58-facet round diamonds. A GemEx® certificate will be issued to diamond weighs 0.18ct or above.

With GemEx®, it shows that comparing to the “medium” rating of conventional 58-facet diamond, the 82-facet Leo Diamond outshines with "High" and "Very High" ratings on the Light Performance Report, proven The Leo Diamond®’s extraordinary brilliance.

The Leo Diamond® was the first diamond ever independently and individually certified to be visibly brighter. Your GemEx® certification is proof of your Leo Diamond’s superior brilliance.


IGI Certification of 4C’s Grading

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is one of the most prominent gemological laboratories in the world. It certifies The Leo Diamond®’s unsurpassed 4C’s grading (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight), proving its unparalleled quality (for diamond weighs 0.18ct or above).


Electronic Checking and Verification

Any time verification is provided for customers to check the certificates of their specific Leo Diamond by simply entering the unique Leo Diamond number at www.leodiamond.com.hk. Customers can also find out about the artisan who handcrafted and polished their Leo Diamond collection.

ISO 9001:2015, Authenticity Guarantee of Natural Diamonds

ISO 9001:2015, Authenticity Guarantee of Natural Diamonds
Lee Heng Diamond Company Limited, the sole distributor of The Leo Diamond® in Asia, has accredited ISO 9001:2005, which proves that all The Leo Diamonds® in their outlets (including MaBelle, MADIA, Falconer, Mabros) as well as in other designated authorized retailers, are natural diamonds.